HomeBaked by Allie is officially open for business!

I am SO excited to officially launch my website!!  It is pretty scary (actually terrifying) to leave the 9-5 workforce and take on baking as a full time business, but I am excited to show everyone what I can do!   While my creations may not look as perfect as something from a bakery window or what you see on popular food blogs, I can guarantee that everything I make will be more delicious.   

For those of you who want to learn more about me and my tastes, here ya go: 

  • I absolutely love anything chocolate---basically a certified chocoholic
  • My favorite combo is chocolate and peanut butter---you can never go wrong
  • I like to experiment with interesting/healthy recipe substitutions.  Yes, I have put both black beans AND avocado into brownies---and trust me, they are still delicious! 
  • While I personally don't like to mix fruit with my desserts (my biggest pet peeve is when restaurants put raspberry sauce on my chocolate cake---WHO WANTS THAT?!) I do make delicious fruity desserts, like raspberry streusel bars and lemon bars.
  • I am always open to new challenges---just because you don't see something on my website, that doesn't mean I can't make it!  The best way for me to continue learning and growing as a baker is to continue trying new recipes and techniques.  So go ahead---suggest away!  

I would love to hear any suggestions you have for the website, or any words of encouragement, so please comment away!  I can't wait until I receive my first order---and trust me, I will be posting about it on here---so please follow along!