My first official order is complete!!!

As promised, I am here to gleefully brag about my first official order!   This past Sunday, as I awoke in Florida excited to step out into the sunshine, I looked down at my phone and basically screamed--I had my first official order request!!  The fact that I was with my sister and my grandparents just made it that much more memorable.  

Naturally, I thought to myself, "its probably an order from Mom or Dad,' but to my surprise it was not!    It was an order for a 'minion themed cake' from a close camp/family friend.  I immediately starting brainstorming ideas, and headed to my favorite website (PINTEREST OF COURSE) and found a few cool designs.  

The design I settled on basically was a sheet cake in the shape of a giant minion.  I modeled it after the best minion (duh---Bob) and it actually came out looking really good!  I am always nervous when I try a new design, but I am that much more thrilled when it is a success.   It is hard to describe how amazing it felt to actually deliver my first order, and hear the great feedback.  

Now I cannot wait to see what other orders await me!!! Cakes, cupcakes, cookies.---bring it on!  I am ready for them all!