The day is finally here...

Well, today was the day.  It was the first day, pretty much ever, that I woke up on a Monday without having anywhere to be.  No school, no work---nothing.   It's hard to describe the feeling, but it was somewhere in between excited that I had no obligations, and severe anxiety that I was forgetting something I had to do, or somewhere I had to be.  It's embarrassing to even say how many times I have reached in my bag today looking for my work blackberry, only to remember that I no longer have one (its in the double digits).  

If I didn't have cupcakes to bake today, or a trip to pack for tomorrow, I would honestly probably be a little lost.  I have always looked at the people out on the streets on a weekday afternoon and wondered what they were doing with their life--and now I am one of them.  My biggest decision so far today was which to watch first--The Affair or Homeland (it was The Affair btw).  And every time I think about work, its weird to imagine everyone else still there even though I'm not.  And its weird to picture my empty desk just there, without me sitting behind it.  

It will probably take a few weeks to shake this feeling, but luckily for me, I have a few exciting trips coming up to distract me!  Tomorrow, I leave for the great city of Charleston, South Carolina!  Some people think its a little strange that I chose that as my first vacation destination, but it is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.  I don't know why, but it has always just seemed like a beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful city.  This will be the first solo vacation I have taken in a while, and I am excited at the idea of exploring a new city with no one else holding me back.

But, before I head out, I have one last batch of cupcakes to make!  Hopefully, when I come back, my inbox will be flooded with orders.  So, if you are reading this, don't wait!!! Place an order today :)